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The Credify Protocol


CriD (Federated ID)

Federated identification system that aggregates IDs from sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Line, Civic, Gems, etc. A reward "limiter" is imposed on accounts and is reduced as users attach external sources of identification to their CriD. The CriD also serves as a hashed index of the entity engagement history that are registered with CreV.


CreD (Credify Utility Token)

The utility token that is required to participate in the protocol. Can be "colored" or extended with reward programs specific to marketplaces, like loyalty points or coupons. As a standard Token, CreD are fungible and can be transferred from CriD to CriD.


CreV (Event System)

A permissioned, decentralised event system that records economic activity and outcomes between CriD entities on registered marketplaces.


CreS (Staking and Reward System)

The vouching system that manages the reward/penalty logic based on event results (positive/negative). CreS receives notifications when CreV records events—this CreV acts as the oracle of truth to the CreS decision making process.


A Token for All Marketplaces

Credify's utility token is required to participate in our network. Actively engaging in our network increases the trust of your online transactions as well as the quality of services everyone receives. The token is implemented as a smart contract on the EOS blockchain due to Credify's high transaction throughput requirements and storage needs.

Building upon standard smart contract interfaces, CreD is extensible by marketplaces with the aim to create the world's first exchangeable and universally transferable loyalty point system. Credify adoption will mean that marketplace point collectors will finally have the ability to trade or sell their points in a standard and practical way.

Credify for All Occasions

The Credify protocol has been defined to support the needs of all people and organisations seeking credibility through a special witness and dispute resolution extension. This enables credification on platforms like Craigslist or Avito, where traditionally it has been hard to verify counterparty reputation.

Credify for All Occations

Our Team

Our team consists of a core group of business and technical professionals with solid track records and proven ability to execute.

Picture Makoto Tominaga

Founder & CEO

Picture Maurizio Raffone

CFO & Interim COO

Picture Alfonso Delgado Rius

Head of Research

Picture Amila Kulasinghe

Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Picture Toan Nguyen

Business Development Partner, SEA

Dallas Johnson Dallas Johnson

Senior iOS and EOS Smart Contract Engineer

Picture Shuichi Nagao

Full Stack Engineer


Picture Paul Sutter

Quantcast Co-founder; Founder Subscale Labs

Picture Adryenn Ashley

Founder/CEO of Loly &; Social Media Influencer

Picture Rasmus Kütt

Business Planning & Sr. Product Manager at Rakuten

Picture David Packham

Co-founder of EOS42 & Co-chair of Chintai

Picture Bernardo David

Professor, Researcher & Cryptographer

Picture Kalin Kozhuharov

Ex-SVP, Analytic and Forensic Technology, Deloitte; Independant Security Consultant

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