Credify’s idX (Identity Exchange) technology acts as a personal information bridge that gives users a safe and easy way to passport their sensitive data across digital services and ecosystems. Unlike direct share technologies, idX complies with the toughest of global data privacy standards.

idX identities are sourced from verified credentials, advanced credit scores and other contextually rich data that gives your users instant reach across your network of internal and partner services in a way that results in highly personlized experiences.

Universal Identity

Interested in participating in the idX network? Your organization can benefit directly from user-controlled sharing of their personal data. Schedule a demo with us to learn how.

How It Works

Credify products use trusted and scalable infrastructure, secured by the most advanced cryptographic tools, to create, utilize, and distribute customer digital identities.


A new product that enriches service providers within the Credify network, serviceX (Service Exchange) allows platforms and service providers to offer targeted deals to each others’ users based on pre-established conditions. This promotes a form-less, paperless identity passporting experience that realises new revenue opportunities through mutually beneficial transactions. This system may ultimately grow more effective than AdWords or Facebook targeting, as the data involved gives more comprehensive insight into the users and, for service providers, greatly reduces the cost of on-boarding and customer acquisition.

How It Works

trustX (Trust Exchange)​

Reliability & Trust

Source the reputation and reliability of clients and transactions from participants in your surrounding ecosystem.

Vouching & Gamification

Your company’s “loyalty program points” are tokenised and used to vouch for the reputation of products, services, partners, and loans.


Successful vouching grants rewards for backing positive transactional outcomes, while imposing penalties for backing low quality outcomes.


A “loyalty program points” system securely and cost-effectively engineered on blockchain, provides a universal incentive structure for your ecosystem. It can be additionally utilized between group and partner companies who join the broader network.