Credify Selected for Sihub Expara Accelerator Batch 2

Credify is proud to have been selected to participate in the second batch of Expara Sihub Accelerator program 2020.

The program

Sihub and Expara co-host the 14 weeks accelerator program with the focus of helping entrepreneurs and startups who are planning to do business in Vietnam, to commercialize and scale their innovative solutions.

The 14-weeks accelerator program provides the following benefits to successful applicants:

– Online workshops delivered by highly experienced industry veterans.

– Mentorship with experienced partners.

– Access to a deep network of VCs, Angel Investors, Industry and Corporate Partners (including large multinational companies), Accelerators and Incubator Hubs.

– Funding of up to US$140,000 and access to other sources of funds.

The sponsors


Sihub (Saigon Innovation Hub) is a government-backed centre under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) focusing on constructing and supporting the Entrepreneurship and Innovation ecosystem in HCMC and Vietnam. Its vision is to promote HCMC as a Startup and Innovation city, and become a leading startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. (source)


Expara is Singapore’s pioneer and leader in incubation, early-stage venture capital, entrepreneurship, VC and innovation training, mentorship and advisory work. Expara provides both investment and services to the enterprise ecosystem. (source)

The opportunity

The accelerator program allows Credify to connect with a vast network of entrepreneurs, mentors, potential investors and customers in Ho Chi Minh city, representing a great opportunity to penetrate in the Vietnamese market.

Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh have developed an extraordinary startup ecosystem, attracting a considerable stream of foreign investment recently . Total investment in Vietnam reached $741M in 2019, compared to $693M of Singapore and $135M of Thailand (source). Credify’s technology has gained some considerable attention from major local companies, which could provide potential partnership opportunities in the future.