ASEAN nations represent the best global opportunities for FinTech and E-commerce. In 2020, the USD 72B FinTech industry is showing a compound annual growth rate of 72.5%, while global data monetisation market value is increasing from USD 1.2B in 2019 to USD 2.5B by 2024.


18% 5-Year CAGR

Global Data Monetization market value*


*sources: Gartner

Healthcare and Financial services belong to the Top 5 industries using data analytics to increase business efficiency.

Companies are benefiting from data monetization in various ways

To maximize this growth, companies need a way to clamp down on fraud while integrating the most complete customer data from reliable sharepoints. Credify tackles both of these issues head-on with patent-pending technology and the most advanced software for your customer acquisition strategy.

What makes Credify unique?

Open-Architecture Identity Solution

Patent-pending Vouching

Secure Cost-effective Blockchain

Our Technology

Privacy-preserving and user-controlled, with a unique and universal identity solution.

Harnesses crowd intelligence for signaling counterparty credibility.

USPTO Utility Patent No. 16275127 WIPO No. PCT/IB2019/051173

Our team

Our core team of developers, business professionals, and technical experts bring you a solid track records of expertise and execution.

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